Mosstone: Wilderness Trade Town in Tethyr; Population 3,000

Mosstone stands under the boughs of the great trees of the Wealdath, much like any walled trade town along the Trade Way. Caravanmasters coming from the north welcome the sight of the Wealdath as a sign of relief from the tolls of Muranndin. They view the sun-dappled gates of Mosstone as the first real shelter along the road after the trials of that monster-infested land. Most people here make their living working in services that cater to merchant traffic. They all place great importance on living in accord with the surrounding forest and the elves of the Wealdath. This is because druids maintain a powerful circle here, ruled by the Archdruid of Mosstone, whose grove surrounds the Great Oak of Mosstone. The town is ruled by consensus, and the townsfolk watch out for the needs of their fellows with a generosity unheard of in most lands.

Mosstone is a gateway to the Wealdath, the Starspire Mountains, and, for the brave, Muranndin. Many foresters and adventurers are based here. As such, Mosstone enjoys the protection of many professional warriors and mages, in addition to the druids and allied elves.

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