Darromar Capital City of Tethyr; Population 125,000

This beautiful city stands on the northwestern bank of the River Ith. From Faerntarn, her palace on the Ithal Crag overlooking the city and river, Queen Anais handles royal dealings. She maintains a huge military force in Darromar, five days’ ride from any point in the land. Queen Anais takes the advice of the Royal Council, which includes seventeen-year-old Ysabel Linden. Overseeing the city is a lord mayor whom the queen appoints every three years. The lord mayor administers the needs of the city, deals with city guilds, and commands the fine Darromar Watch. Under the queen, the lord mayor, and the standing military, Darromar is a safe and efficient city.

Darromar also holds the wizards’ academy Black Towers, a huge market for mercenary work, and an underground of thieves. Extraordinary and odd folk come to Darromar for magical learning. Adventurers and sellswords come for work fighting the realm’s many monsters. And despite the prominence of the Shadow Thieves, Darromar’s underworld offers ample opportunities for the morally lax.

Other Cities and Areas of Tethyr


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