The Wine-Dark Sea

"He's my golem, and we're NOT naming him Squelchy."
Cecily's Journal

We have penetrated the Tormish sanctuary, but our quarry eludes us still!

Dumuzi’s sneaky eavesdropping squelched any doubts I had that we should follow the insidious Drow messenger into the temple of Torm. Nimbly the eladrin scaled the wall separating the ancient cloister from the court and overheard just enough to convince us that it was necessary to push on. The pirates in the cloister were at ease, talking of when they would return to their base – the base that Martin Cruikshank demanded we find! So pleased were we with our discovery, we sent Jedd back to Cruikshank with the news of our good fortune. Perhaps that was premature, for we still had many trials ahead of us.

Overpowering the guards inside the ruined church took all of our cunning, but we accomplished the task efficiently. We entered through the side door into the kitchen, dealt swiftly with the men stationed there, and blocked the doorway into the barracks beyond, so we could take them down one by one. These pirates fight well, but they fight even better when they are ranked together, so it was lucky that we were able to separate them so effectively.

One in the barracks, wielding a hand crossbow, wore an epaulette and seemed to be in charge. After the fighting was done, we roused him at swordpoint and demanded the location of the base. This surly midshipman told us we would find our answers downstairs. And indeed, in a storeroom off the kitchen we found a trap door through which could be heard the murmurings of busy pirates. Rather than descend immediately, however, we opted to explore the upper level of the church a little more thoroughly. We laid a sack of grain over the trap door to delay any interruptions!

More to come soon …


Meanwhile, I fear that Jedd may have met trouble returning from Martin Cruickshank. Is it possible he decided to take a water crossing from the other side of Zazesspur and was diverted into that most mysterious of marine bodies, the Ennouai Sea? I hear monstrous creatures live within it, that have the face of death, yet the strength of life to stand upright, even in their decay! Only one man has been known to tame the savagery of the Ennouai Sea – a man so famous I need hardly write his name. But that man had a plan, and a canal, and I believe an overly-large staff of some sort, as well as the stealth of an eladrin. Jedd may have his sword, but he can hardly be said to “walk softly.” I pray to Corellon that he should return safely from this dreadful place and soon – it would make a tremendously good story if he does!

Cecily's Notes

I am jotting down these notes in order to help myself recall the stirring deeds of our little band, for someday I hope to set down our history in the epic format that our modest heroism doubtless deserves.

Our latest assignment began quite startlingly, as we were expertly nabbed from one of Zazesspur’s darker alleyways. I’m a little hurt that neither Mr. Cruikshank nor our regular employer Capt. Dunnell saw fit to simply present us with their little pirate conundrum, but it is evident that the need for secrecy is high when it comes to the Queen’s Eyes. Nevertheless, we five merrily accepted the challenge! We picked up the trail of the pirate messenger in the Flagon of Gold (or was it the Golden Flagon?—must check my facts before composing my masterpiece!) and tailed him with ease into the Market. Our luck turned, however, when Jedd caught his eye as he inspected a mirror at one of the stalls! (It is only to be expected that our Genasi would give us away – they are rather thin on the ground in these parts! Perhaps if Jedd could only lose some of his provincial manner he might blend a bit better in the city – must remember to have a word with him about this.)

The damned pirate must have planned for such a contingency, for he led us straight into a trap at the drawbridge. Luckily for us, Dumuzi noted the distinctly un-regimental attire of the bridge “guards,” and we went in ready for a fight! We quickly dispatched this ambush. Although Grass and Vlad had sustained some injuries, we continued our pursuit of the nefarious drow. Five steps behind him all the way, we pursued the devil through the bustling streets and winding alleys of the Fortress, only to hear him enter a courtyard and pass through a large, creaking door. When we arrived in the yard, he was nowhere to be seen, and we could only assume that he had disappeared into the ruined church which dominated the little square. Was this the meeting-place of the pirate band? Or had we lost the messenger and failed our mission?



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